Archive of the City of Barcelona

Location: Barcelona (ES)
Year: 2019-2020
Program: public cultural
Size: 25.000 m2


  • In charge of BIM coordination of the architectural team, formed by three different firms.
  • Coordinated data modelling and management.
  • Set BIM workflows within the team in order to fulfill contractual protocols.
  • Ensured the accuracy of models and datasets by establishing quality control procedures.
  • Provided training and assistance to the project team.
  • Ensured successful project delivery of BIM model and deliverables.
  • Ensured correct exportation of IFC format, mapping project info and parameters according to clients needs.
  • Coordinated with MEP team and structural team.
  • Clash detection review and resolution.

Collaboration with: 3D Leap
Project by: Mendoza Partida, Op-team, Ramón Valls

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