Milan 2015: productive landscapes

t18 digital architecture magazine
Issue 24 (Autumn 2017)

t18 cover

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” was the theme of the World Ex po in Milan in 2015; an event which, for good or ill, defined the recent architectural scene in Italy. At the Expo 2015, the Bel Paese gave evidence not only of its architectural sensibility but also its empty rhetoric; of its technical excellence and organizational inefficiency; of inventive genius and the subordination of the economy for the common good to the economic interests of the minority. These are paradoxes that Italy embodies in every aspect of its social, political and artistic reality, whose nuances could provide an argument for more sociocultural than architectural considerations. Making a speculative effort and separating anything concerned with artistic production from its social and economic baggage, leaving to one side the historic pessimism of all Italians, we can put together a retrospective of what Expo 2015 meant for Italian and world architecture. […]

Read the full article here.



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